Connected Glassware

The world’s first goal-synced glass delivers the ultimate goal celebration moment, in stadium or anywhere.

Brand in hand - greater brand engagement
One-to-one consumer engagement
Bluetooth connectivity
Gathering consumer insights
Enhancing the celebration experience


Goal Light

An iconic hockey light that goes off every time your favourite team scores.

Real time amplification of the fan experience, bringing the in-arena experience of ice hockey into homes across Canada. An innovative product which instantly triggers a flashing siren via a WiFi connection and an accompanying smartphone App.

Real time celebration regardless of location

Connected Bag Tag

World-first RFID technology for faster and easier baggage check-in.

Buzz partnered with Qantas to create and develop a state-of-the-art, designer inspired bag tag, with securely housed RFID technology.

Elevated VIP passenger experience
Integrated with existing airport infrastructure
Targeted : 5-sec check-in

Smart Fridge

The world's first smart fridge, so you never run out of beer again.

Utilises cutting edge technology to ensure beer drinkers have a cold beer on hand for every occasion.

Monitors quantity
Offers alerts and promotion activities directly to consumers
Gathers key data and insights

Pitchers & Pints 

Taking In Bar Sport to another level


Medication Dispenser

Smart medication management dispenser to support and manage health needs at home.


We believe medication management should be easy. That's why we developed the Home Sachet Dispenser for the sachet system